9 masks of fire


9 masks of fire are among the jackpot slot machines that you will encounter at casinos all over the world. When they were first released, these were considered one of the hardest slot games to beat. They are well-known for their winning rates of more than 80%. But for those who want to have a shot at it, there are some tips to help you beat it.

The difficulty of this slot game starts from the very beginning where you have to carefully choose which symbol you will place on your reel before the start of the game. There are 9 masks of fire and the symbol you will place on your reel is determined by what is called the “mask scatter symbols”. There are also other factors that affect the win rate of this game. These include the jackpot size, the reels chosen, and the number of coins inserted or remaining in the machine.

One of the things that make this game challenging is its gameplay. It takes time to fully understand the gameplay so players must be patient in watching how it works. In addition, it is not easy to memorize all the symbols since there are over 40 in the slot machine. That is why many players would recommend playing this game online. With the use of a software that helps in slot machine gaming, you will get to learn about the game’s different graphical features that will help you in winning big amounts of cash.

Another challenge of this fire slot machine is its pattern of movement. Unlike other slot machine games, this has a unique pattern where the 9 masks of fire move horizontally. However, the game does have one weakness – the odds of hitting two of the masks of fire while it moves horizontally are low. Despite this slight flaw, it can still be said that this game has a great challenge. The game’s icon reflects this with its flashing symbol.

The video slot game has a number of machine strategies that will help you win. Some of the most popular strategy is the triple combination, which uses up to three masks at one time. Another favorite is the double combination which has two masks of fire and a triple symbol. However, the two masks of fire and triple symbols have a lower payoff compared to the triple combination. With the use of multipliers, you can increase your expected payout.

To add more challenge to this game, there are also a number of Bonus symbols in this game. Some of these symbols include hearts, jackpot, and the video stop symbol. With the help of Bonus symbols, you can improve the odds of hitting a win icon by slotting it on a combination of one to three masks of fire. Some players also prefer to increase the chances of hitting the kill icon by slotting it on a combination of one to four masks of fire. There are still other strategy variations that you may try although the ones mentioned above are quite popular.