The Harlecoin casino game uses symbols that represent the coins, and the player spins the reels to increase the value of the symbols. They gain a certain number of harlecoins in the process. The game is classified as medium to high volatility, which means that there are very few wins but high rewards. It’s worth checking out if you’re a high roller, or if you’re simply curious to learn more about how these coins work.

A dazzling harlequin-covered coin overlay feature is present in HARLECOIN ONLINE SLOT. The symbol is multiplied when two or more harlequin-adorned coins land on it. As the coins fall, their value increases and they continue to land on the same symbol. This can lead to a multiplier of as much as 500x! This multiplier resets itself after the symbol wins.

The game’s payouts aren’t very high, but you can win 500x your initial investment if you land three bonus symbols on a payline. However, some players may be concerned about the payouts, but this game is fun to play and is easy to understand. The Red Tiger Gaming company owns the trademark on HarleCoin. The slot is available in multiple languages. It is a popular choice among players.

Players can win up to 500x their initial stake when they land on the harlequin-embossed symbols in this game. During the bonus game, players can boost their symbols up to twenty-five times with the help of harlequin-embossed coins. All the symbols that have been boosted have their values reset. However, a few symbols, such as sevens, can give you even higher payouts.