Wild spartans

Red Tiger Gaming is the developer of Wild Spartans, an online slot game with a non-progressive jackpot of 500 coins. It features ancient Greece-themed graphics and gameplay, with symbols such as body armour, swords, and spears used for combat. The slot offers a few special features, including free spins, sticky wilds, and locked wilds. Whether you’re looking for something a little more fun than the standard slot game or want to play for free, you’ll find that Wild Spartans is the right choice for you.

For such a testosterone-heavy subject matter, Wild Spartans looks a little tame. But don’t let its simple aesthetics fool you. The game is fun, and its sticky wilds can lead to epic wins, while the random Titan bonus round adds to the excitement. You can play the slot for 20p or up to PS60 per spin, and its mobile-optimized design will be a welcome change from many of the high-octane games out there.

Since Wild Spartans is a Sparta Remixers clan, members must submit a Sparta video for membership. Some members have been banned by Wild Spartans, including DanDaManStudios1 and Miruru623.