Zombie hoard

Zombie Hoard Casino Online Game

The Zombie Hoard slot machine is a generic game with a general theme. You can win a prize by gathering 30 brains. These brains can be redeemed for free spins with 2x multiplier. Stacking wilds cover every reel in this game, and you get two times the multiplier when you win. Play this game on the iPhone or Android. It is a fun way to kill time while having fun and winning big!

To be able to win in the game, roll on 1d6 each day that you are in the greater undead area. In the greater undead area, the party must avoid the Zombie Hoard. The hoard is an immense flood of zombies that move too quickly to attack the players. You must make 6 skill checks to survive the hoard, including acrobatics and athletics. You can also make a morale save to keep your cool in the face of this attack.

When playing on foot, you should engage the hordes with firearms to thin them out. However, some characters are more effective than others at engaging these hoards. Heavy Weapons characters, for instance, have a special attack that shaves off the zombie’s leg. Light Edged Weapons characters, on the other hand, have a special attack that instantly incapacitates the zombie. Explosives can also be used to kill zombies in the horde.